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Tamworth is a picturesque city in northeastern New South Wales, situated on both banks of the Peel River. It is the administrative centre of Tamworth Region and the largest city in New England. Tamworth is also known as the country music capital of Australia, as it hosts the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival, the largest music festival in the southern hemisphere.

Before European settlers arrived in the early 19th century, the region was inhabited by Indigenous Australians of the Kamilaroi group. They lived off the land for thousands of years, with hunting, gathering and fishing being their main sources of food. Some of the significant Kamilaroi groups in the region included the Mungindi, Wee Waa, and Walgett.

The first European explorer to visit the region was Allan Cunningham, who led an expedition to the Peel River in 1827. The area was initially settled by pastoralists and squatters who grazed cattle and sheep. In 1850, a town was established on the Peel River and named Tamworth, after Tamworth in Staffordshire, England.

In the early days, Tamworth was a bustling centre of agriculture and livestock production. It was also a major hub for transportation, with the Peel River providing a waterway for boats, and horse-drawn coaches passing through the town. In the late 1800s, the town began to prosper due to the discovery of gold in nearby areas. Many prospectors flocked to Tamworth, hoping to strike it rich and make their fortune.

During the early 1900s, Tamworth became an important centre for the railway industry. The town boasted a major railway station, which connected Tamworth to other major cities and towns in New South Wales. The railway industry brought many jobs to the area and helped the town grow and expand. It also brought people into the town, which resulted in Tamworth's population increasing rapidly.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Tamworth became a significant centre for military training. During World War II, Tamworth was a hub for the Royal Australian Air Force. The RAAF built an airbase near Tamworth, which trained thousands of pilots and aircrew for combat in Europe and the Pacific. The airbase played a crucial role in the war effort and helped many young Australians become skilled pilots and aircrew.

After the war, Tamworth continued to grow and flourish, with many new industries being established in the area. Today, the town is a thriving centre of agriculture, with many local farmers producing crops, livestock, and dairy products. There are also many other industries in the region, including tourism, manufacturing, and retail.

The Tamworth Country Music Festival has become a significant event in Tamworth's calendar, attracting visitors from all over Australia and the world. The festival lasts for ten days and features hundreds of concerts, musical performances, and events. The festival is renowned for its friendly atmosphere, and it has helped Tamworth become famous as the country music capital of Australia.

In conclusion, Tamworth and the surrounding region have a rich history that spans thousands of years. From the Indigenous Australians who lived off the land to the European settlers who established the town, to the military personnel who trained on the airbase, Tamworth has been shaped by many different people and events throughout its history. Today, it is a thriving centre of industry and commerce, as well as a popular destination for tourists from across the globe.

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